Burnaby's History


Burnaby Stone Care Ltd is an established name in the cleaning and conservation of historic and period buildings throughout the UK. Combining 40 years specialist knowledge of traditional craftsmanship with modern repair technology has allowed us to expand our expertise in the field of conservation restoration, whilst maintaining a comprehensive façade cleaning service. To maintain the rich heritage and distinctive character of our buildings and landmarks, we offer restoration repairs of eroded external masonry and internal structures which we trust restores a sense of pride.

We offer a total package at competitive rates. Through the resources of time-served personnel, a sense of pride in service and commitment is assured to the professional consultant, local government agency or building contractor. 



In 1969 from somewhat humble beginnings we commenced trading from Stockport Road, Longsight, with the name of Burnaby which is actually the name of a suburb in Vancouver B.C. where I have a sister. With the support of my wife who fuelled my ambition we moved to Eccles New Road, Salford, and whilst the role of typist, receptionist, book-keeper, cleaner, wife and mother to our daughter as well as housewife proved very exacting for all concerned and a test of survival of the fittest. With the help of the now retired Mr. M.J. Cassidy we now employ some ten full time staff at a 2,500 sq. ft. unit at Kansas Avenue which is used as office and storage facilities as our service is purely site work. 

Reflecting on our humble beginnings of a second hand timber garage that looked like bonfire material and the telephone on a box and our only means of transport a £35 Commer Van, success is measured by long hours and many hiccups, but the realisation of achieving a moderate success with the co-operation of all involved, is reward in itself.

As you can see from the photo our ageism policy appeared in 1970 by employing a real character ‘Old Ernie’ (see photo) who started at the age of 71 and was treasured until he finally retired.

I suppose comparing like for like opportunities of eighteen years ago and today, there are more helping hands available but in no way does this detract form the never-give-up attitude that is paramount in any virtue and determination to succeed.

One of our first ventures into cleaning in 1972 was the Lord Nelson Public House on Newton Street, Manchester (see photo). How could such a large scale project cause sleepless nights!

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