Luton Hoo, Bedforshire

The house was built in 1767 by prominent architect Robert Adam for the 3rd Earl of Bute. Little of Adams' work remains, as the house that he built was destroyed by fire in 1843. Robert Smirke was responsible for rebuilding the house and adding a grand entrance portico. Later still, a mansard roof was added by Mewes and Davis, architects of the Ritz Hotel.

In 1903 the house was bought by diamond magnate Julius Wernher, who decorated the interior in lavish French style and stuffed every cranny and corner with a collection of jewellery, paintings, porcelain, and objets d'art.

The grounds were laid out by Capability Brown in the 18th century, with the modern additions of a rockery and formal gardens.

Works carried out:

This Grade I listed property's fabric was made up of varieties of limestone which required Burnaby Stone Care to use differing cleaning disciplines.
The Portland stone was cleaned utilising the DOFF Super Heated Water System, whilst the Bath and Clunch stone was cleaned by means of timed nebulous sprays which required constant supervision and adjustment in order not to damage the surface of the building but to leave in a clean condition

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