Totem Pole, Salford

Shipped over in 1969 the 32 foot high pole stood outside Manchester Liners Headquarter for over 30 years and is a symbol of friendship between Manchester and Canada.

Over recent years the pole fell into disrepair and had been stored in a disused warehouse.
The pole was originally carved by Doug Cranmer, chief of the Kwakwaka'wakw tribe and although he died three years ago his nephew Kevin Cranmer has agreed to carry out the repairs to the cedar wood pole.

Burnaby Stone Care have carried out the delicate task of removing layers of unsuitable paint utilising a low-pressure (7 p.s.i.) fine abrasive, specially developed by ourselves, to prevent damage to the underlying wood.

This system has been inspected by The British Museum in London who have expressed, not only a keen interest in the pole, but also the techniques used in the restorative process.

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