The Old Wellington, Manchester

Following the bomb blast in Manchester city centre in 1996, Burnaby undertook work on the Old Wellington in Shambles Square. The Old Wellington Inn existed in 1552 when Edward VI was on the throne in what was then the Market Place and Shambles. The building was licensed in 1830 and by 1865 the ground floor was known as the Wellington Inn. It is now the oldest building in Manchester and is a Grade 2 listed building. The work was carried out to English Heritage specifications. In the restoration of the building the architect specified that there had to be no compromise in applying the highest standards in the cleaning of the internal timber structure.

The numerous paint coatings applied to the 400 year old oak timbers were sympathetically removed by means of a low pressure control abrasive system incorporating a suitable mid-range MOH abrasive.

"The result of Burnaby's work is that the quality of colour and texture of the magnificent oak timers is again revealed to be fully enjoyed by its many visitors"

David Lewis Associates, Sheffield

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